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The story begins, as it always has, with the nature. That’s what inspired Swiss PharmaCan to seek a better source of human wellness and vitality.

Born in the heart of the Alps, we developed a new technology based on the same molecular encapsulation process our bodies use to absorb fat-soluble molecules. We named this process MyCell™ Technology.

Swiss PharmaCan recognizes the significant role nature plays in developing powerful vitamins and oils for wellness and utilises its Swiss science to upgrade nutraceuticals to perfection.

We take satisfaction in carefully selecting the purest and most nutrient-concentrated species, cultivated at the highest standards in ideal environments around the world, then gently hand-harvested before their precious ingredients are meticulously extracted. Nourishing ingredients are transformed with precision into powerful compounds and their exceptionally potent activity unlocks new possibilities.

Our Swiss-made nutraceuticals are as essential to wellness as nature itself. Swiss PharmaCan products are the result of years of passion and a commitment to achieving excellence.

Our greatest reward is the trust of our clients. We believe we hold the key to the future of nutraceuticals.

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MyCell™ Technology

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Discover how MyCell™ Technology improves the effectiveness of nutraceutical and is able to boost bioavailability to nearly 100%

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At Swiss PharmaCan, we obtain the most effective nutraceuticals by combining the best ingredients with the revolutionary MyCell™ Technology.