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Company Profile

Swiss PharmaCan AG is the exclusive licensee of an innovative Swiss technology based on the same molecular encapsulation process that our body uses to absorb fat-soluble molecules.

This process is called micellization. A similar process has been used successfully for decades in the pharmaceutical industry to deliver medicines that are insoluble in water or have low bioavailability into systemic circulation, which is where they do their work. We named this process MyCell Technology™.

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Our Vision is Innovation,
to Drive profit and

We have committed to the high-quality standards you expect from a Swiss company while delivering and developing natural and pharmaceutical products that are safe, reliable and suitable for a wide range of applications and ailments.

We care for the future of our children and the planet we share and we are careful to source our raw materials exclusively from ecologically and environmentally friendly suppliers, while constantly striving to limit our carbon footprint.

MyCell Technology™ allows Swiss PharmaCan to develop groundbreaking new products in the field of nutraceuticals, wellness and anti-ageing. The uniqueness of these products, the ageing world population and the ever-increasing demand for high quality, natural and effective alternative products, fuelled by the general trend away from medicines towards more natural alternatives, guarantee that Swiss PharmaCan will be able to deliver long term quality, rentability and profit for its shareholders.

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Key Drivers & opportunities

  • An aging world population.
  • A trend away from the use of medicines towards more natural alternatives.
  • Enlarged consumer awareness of the potential of natural products to strengthen the immune system, due to SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19.
  • Further expansion of the legalization of cannabis, especially in the medicinal cannabis field. This will result in an increased demand for pharmaceutical quality products, especially in the already-legalized North American market.
  • The explosive growth of the market for CBD products.
  • Demand from the pharmaceutical market for herbal supplements that can be accurately dosed.
  • Increased demand for alternative delivery methods of Bio-Active Product Ingredients (API), such as through edibles, beverages, topical, sprays and inhalers.
MyCell Technology increases Bioavailability

MyCell Technology

MyCell Technology™ perfectly complements these Key Drivers and Opportunities because it makes fat-soluble components (mainly oils) soluble in water. This makes these compounds more effective and faster working by increasing their bioavailability up to 100%. It also makes accurate dosing possible.

Swiss PharmaCan has developed and is testing, to date, more than 300 compounds for herbal supplements and vitamins that will have superior bioavailability and stability and which will replace the already existing products in the market.

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