nature’s diversity

offers the solution to many challenges

Regular Products
Are not efficient

When we say that the market for nutraceuticals has expanded tremendously, we’re not exaggerating: today, an incredible 80% of the global population prefers to use supplements. Nutraceuticals answer our desire for wellbeing.

However, most nutraceuticals only do a limited amount of good. Their ability to deliver key nourishment to the human body is limited by one major underlying cause: low oral absorption.

Bioavailability of regular
products in the market


Coenzyme Q10

Vitamin E

Vitamin B12

Poor Absorption
is not the only problem

Regular nutraceuticals have different drawbacks and many limitations

It’s relatively easy to develop a product such as a tablet, powder or capsule that contains food bioactive ingredients. It’s much more challenging to achieve a high enough level of bioavailability for those products.

Each food bioactive ingredient comes with its own unique challenges. Take curcumin, for example: this ingredient has low oral bioavailability thanks to extremely low serum levels, limited tissue distribution, apparent rapid metabolism and short circulation half-life. Coenzymme Q10 is meanwhile challenged by low water solubility and chance permeability due to its large molecular weight.


Ineffective Targeting


Poor Solubility


Limited Intestinal Absorption


Low Permeability


Short Half-life


Low Stability to Critical Environment


Tissue Accumulation

The Way Nature Intended

After 15 years of extensive research, the scientists of MyCell™ Technology have achieved our goal to transform nutraceuticals into pure bioavailability. We are proud to say that we have succeeded in imitating what our body does naturally, and we’ve done it by taking all-natural ingredients and making them more efficient. We’ve solved the issues that have long plagued nutraceuticals, including protection, stability, solubility, improved intestinal permeability, cellular targeting and extended half-life.

How it works

Proven Results

stronger and faster desired effects

Making fat compounds soluble in water is just one of the benefits of MyCell Technology. Our revolutionary method of creating nutraceuticals in a water-soluble form has proven results. Compounds are protected and more stable and the dissolution rate is enhanced. MyCell™ Technology introduces extended circulation, improved intestinal permeability and optimal cellular uptake.

Put together, these improvements boost bioavailability to almost 100%. Our MyCell™ -enhanced ingredients deliver natural products with fast and noticeable desired results.

Combining the best ingredients
with a unique technology

Swiss PharmaCan products take the opposite ends of the spectrum and bring them together, combining revolutionary technology with the most genuine ingredients. It’s science and nature in union, with passion as its origin.

Swiss PharmaCan uses only the finest ingredients for its products

All Pure. All Natural.

All Natural

Water soluble

Gluten, GMO and
Allergen free

Zero Oil

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Precious and unique.

Our aspiration is to bring people the rarest treasures found in the mountains, the oceans, the forests and other natural origins.

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At Swiss PharmaCan, we obtain the most effective nutraceuticals by combining the best ingredients with the revolutionary MyCell™ Technology.