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Create your Brand

Create. innovate. perform.

The best solution
to innovate your business

Innovation creates value. Through innovation, we have developed products that perform better and are easier to use, more reliable and more effective.

Innovation also creates market opportunities. We have replaced old and conventional technologies with better, more effective ones that will benefit and boost your business in countless ways.

Do you want to
create your new brand?

White label solution

Are you a follower or a trend-setter? If leading the way is what drives you, let us help you grow your brand with state-of-the-art products that innovate through technology and performance.

With Swiss PharmaCan, you can develop groundbreaking business models for industries ranging from food and beverages to spirits, nutraceuticals and beauty. Together, we can build the future of wellness.

Bring your
brand to a higher level

Improve the formulation
of your products

Six of the 10 best-selling supplements on the market can be substantially improved using our MyCell™ Technology. Countless other supplements that are popular in the nutraceutical, wellness and anti-aging markets can also be made significantly more effective.

If you’re looking to bring your brand to a higher level, let us show you how our technology can enhance your products.

Innovate in all its Facets


Stronger and faster results.


A few drops replace multiple and large capsules.


Innovate by creating your own blend.


Easy to use and precisely dosed.

Unrelenting in our
delivery of high qualityproducts


Today’s focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle is fuelling a demand for all-natural supplements. We answer this by obtaining our ingredients from carefully selected sources around the world. We choose the ideal environmental conditions and meet the highest quality standards.

Green Propolis from the rainforest in Brazil. Olibanum from trees of the genus Boswellia from India. These are just two examples of the natural ingredients that make our products exclusive.

Food supplements are far from the only possibility. The water solubility and stability in critical environments of MyCell™ enhanced products make them just as suitable for beverages, confectionery, spirits and other food products.




Edibles – not only for liquids
now for food as well.

Give an additional
value to your customer.
make the difference in the market.

If you want your customers to feel that impulse to buy your products, you need to surprise and excite them. Your customers are more aware of their health and wellness than at any previous time in history.

Where FMCG meets wellness

We can help you deliver functional foods in a completely new way. Our MyCell™ Technology adds effective and efficient all-natural nutrients that promote a healthy and safe lifestyle.

Interested to know more?

MyCell™ Technology

Changing Lives. Changing Industries.

Discover how MyCell™ Technology improves the effectiveness of nutraceutical and is able to boost bioavailability to nearly 100%

Raw Materials

Carefully selected ingredients. Precious and unique.

Our aspiration is to bring people the rarest treasures found in the mountains, the oceans, the forests and other natural origins.