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Nature is not perfect

Since the dawn of humankind, we have known instinctively about the benefits nature can provide, even in the simplest of its forms. Long before science could confirm what we already knew, we relied on nature to keep us strong and vital.

Nature, however, is not perfect and modern supplements are less effective than they ought to be. Breakthroughs in technology have shown us that the best results can’t be achieved with regular nutraceuticals because the human body can only absorb them in limited amounts.

Over 15 years of research, Swiss PharmaCan has discovered a way to imitate the way our bodies process natural nutrients, but much more efficiently. We call this process MyCell™ Technology.

It works by optimizing absorption by the body and into the cells. We can now achieve results that were once thought impossible – and we do it using only natural products.

We have sourced and carefully selected a range of 100% pure, natural ingredients from around the world and combined them with MyCell™ Technology to develop our range of unique nutraceuticals. By pairing science and nature, Swiss PharmaCan has made the best of nature even better.

Plant Oil

Oil in Water


Micellized Plant Extract

Oil Nutrient

Oil in Water


MyCell Nutrient

Fast-acting. Easy and precise dosing, using all-natural ingredients from the very best sources.
Carefully crafted for dramatically improved absorption, providing extraordinary benefits, meeting the growing demand for effective products and leading the future of nutraceuticals.


Growing Market

Concentrated Formulation

Optimal Absorption
by the body and cells

Fast Results

Superior Benefits

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Vitamins and
Plant Extracts

We search the world for the perfect geographical locations, water and soil conditions. We invest in the leading expertise to source the finest natural components. We apply MyCell™ Technology to craft our unique range of vitamins and herbal supplements using nature’s most precious ingredients.

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The global market is trending towards nutraceuticals – it’s one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Within that industry, our Swiss-made, water soluble compounds created with pure ingredients stand far above the rest.

Natural health is the zeitgeist of this generation, so why not become a leader in the market? If you are passionate about standing out and being an innovator, the exceptional quality of Swiss PharmaCan products will guarantee you can gain and maintain loyal customers and transform that passion into a thriving business

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Swiss PharmaCan offers you the opportunity to innovate and grow your business in ways you never thought possible. Explore the possibilities through performance, formulation and packaging.

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