Swiss PharmaCan is breaking new ground in research and development. By acquiring a biotech company and collaborating with universities in Slovenia and Malta, as well as building new laboratories, the start-up company is bringing its product development processes to a level that meets the highest international standards.

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Swiss PharmaCan set out in December 2017 to revolutionise the bioavailability of vitamins and natural active ingredients. Five years later, they report: Goal achieved! What’s more: Swiss PharmaCan is setting new standards in the manufacture of its products.

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Until then, the founders of the start-up company, now based in Frauenfeld, needed great confidence and even more perseverance. Admittedly, with the launch, a first product took flight that met with great interest in the market. A mix of curcuma, frankincense and vitamin C. A product that, taken in drop form, has a much higher bioavailability than all comparable products to date. The interest at home and abroad was correspondingly great. However, when it came to documenting the production processes in the way that is required internationally in this industry, Swiss PharmaCan stalled on its growth path. «Not that our products were flawed,» says Swiss PharmaCan Chairman of the Board and founder Michel Fässler. «But we were not able to deliver the required traceability in the product development process. As a result, we fell behind in the planned market entries in various countries such as India or Canada.


Therefore, after careful consideration, the Board of Directors decided to pull the ripcord. Four years after the company was founded, Swiss PharmaCan parted company with its laboratory partner in St. Gallen in November 2021. At the same time, it has decided to take research and development into its own hands. With the acquisition of a biotech company, it has succeeded in putting these plans into practice. Thanks to the know-how gained, the research team under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Matevz Pompe from the University of Ljubljana has succeeded in creating the required transparency in the traceability of the production processes. «This means that we are now in a position to push ahead with the previously delayed market entry in various countries,» says Michel Fässler. «Our research team has succeeded in defining new formulations to further increase the bioavailability of our natural active ingredients. Our products now have a high level of bioavailability and safety for the consumer that was not previously thought possible.»


Swiss PharmaCan relies on the so-called «encapsulation technology».
The encapsulation of active ingredients requires the highest precision in implementation. The art is to encapsulate certain active ingredients with a strictly defined technique in such a way that it remains protected and stable until it can be released later, after ingestion, in the human organism. Vitamins or natural active ingredients such as curcumin, for example, are protected from oxidative influences in this way.

«With the microencapsulation technique, as it is used in our laboratories, we significantly increase the efficiency and availability of the active substances», says Prof. Dr. Pompe in this regard.

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